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Tricks That Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Injured Workers

Workers’ compensation is of great help to injured workers. The settlement can take care of the entire medical bills among other expenses that arise as a result of physical and psychological injuries.

Although most injured employees expect to have a smooth ride with the process of compensation, the reality is usually different. Sometimes the insurance company may team up with your employer to avoid paying you. If you don’t have a good work comp lawyer by your side, you may end up getting nothing at all.

Discouraging you from hiring a legal rep

The insurance company and your employer can come together to thwart your chances of receiving compensation. Your boss may term you as an independent contractor, meaning that the insurance policy does not cover you. If you are not careful, the insurance company can use this excuse to withhold your benefits.

However, you can easily absolve yourself from such claims by using the contract document that you signed with your employer. In case the matter escalates, or the insurance carrier remains adamant, you can hire workers compensation lawyers to negotiate on your behalf.

The injury was your fault

The company may allege that your carelessness led to the accident that hurt you. By pushing the blames to you, chances of getting full compensation diminishes. The company can claim that you were inebriated during the accident or you didn’t follow the safety procedures that they have laid down. Note that your employer can only deny you compensation if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But if you were injured while sober, you should demand what is rightfully yours.

You were off-site or off-time

The insurance company can deny you compensation based on the location of the accident. Even if it occurred within your employer’s premises, the insurance carrier could claim that the exact location is not included in the insurance policy. Besides the site of the accident, an insurance company can argue that the time of the injury is not covered.

You filed the complaint late

Another way an insurance company can circumvent compensating you is by alleging that you filed your claim late. Since each state has its laws regarding the issue of timing and location, work comp lawyers are able to argue out your case on your behalf till you get the compensation.

Enticing you with lower settlement

If an insurance company notices signs of aggressiveness, ignorance or desperation, they can take advantage of the situation by enticing you to accept a low settlement. Initially, the agreement will look attractive, and you may take it. The reality is that this settlement will be significantly lower compared to what you are supposed to be paid.

The point here is that you should never grab the payment that the company seems to offer in haste. Instead, always consider seeking advice from a reliable work comp lawyer.

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