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Client Testimonials

Fast and Very Professional
“I just want to say THANK YOU to Mr Decker and his staff. We were involved in a bad semi truck / passenger car accident and if not for Mr Decker I have no idea what would we do. The other side was trying to use all against us but Mr Decker was so amazing, professional and fast that we of course won the case. (proved that we are innocent like we always said). If you ever need an attorney who knows what he is doing and will not care only about money, you can hire Mr Decker. He will do everything in his power to help. Thank you again.”
Anna (5 star review)

Speeding Ticket – No Points
“Andrew did a great job! We got adjudication withheld and no points on a speeding ticket. He made a bad experience much less painful. Thank you for all of your great work, Andrew!!”
A Satisfied Client (5 star review)

Traffic Ticket that I was Confused About
“Attorney Andrew took care of all of the court filings and attended to court for me. I talked to his assistant and told them about my concerns they made this easy for me. Thank you for your services we are pleased with the outcome. God bless your firm.”
Mary (5 star review)

Wonderful Attorney
“Mr. Decker represented me in a traffic accident. He did a wonderful job of negotiating with the other party. He also was able to get my ticket removed. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Mr. Decker’s performance!”
Leroy (5 star review)

No Muss No Fuss
“The Decker Law Firm did what they said they would do. Represented me in traffic court, and while I did still have to pay a fine, the court withheld adjudication of guilt, meaning I have not been convicted of the traffic infraction. They kept me well informed throughout the process.”
Jeffrey (5 star review)

Super Speeder
“I just received an update from my daughters case,, I am beyond thankful, my daughter who’s in college got a ticket on her back back to school In Daytona Florida, she was stopped for going 104 in a 70, needless to say this scared the life out of her, she’s never been stopped and never ever gotten Speeding ticket, and this is a super speeder ticket, long story short, we higher Mr.Decker and he has been Hod sent, NO GUITY CONVICTION!!! We only have to pay court cost,, no points on her license, no higher insurance premium, I must say this was a great investment!! Money well spent!’”
Latasha (5 star review)

Dismissed Ticket
“I got a speeding ticket on my way up to visit my child at FSU. I just found out that my ticket was dismissed. I am extremely happy with Mr. Deckers work on this.”
Ian (5 star review)

Complete Dismissal
“I retained Mr.Decker to represent me in a traffic citation I received while driving through the state of Florida. I am an over the road owner operator outside the state the state of Florida so having a clean MVR is imperative for my business. Mr.Decker was successful in getting the ticket completely dismissed. I would recommend his services to anyone.”
Glen (5 star review)

A Delight to Work With
“From my first call to the practice, Andrew and his staff displayed professionalism and a commitment to customer service. Phone calls were returned promptly, fees were discussed up front and were reasonable, and I was kept updated on the status of my case. Andrew and his staff handled EVERYTHING. I had no paperwork to complete and did not have to deal with the court proceedings at all. As a result of the team’s representation, my case was dismissed. I will definitely use them again and recommend them.”
Joseph (5 star review)

Ticket Dismissed
“I am very pleased with the level of service I received from Mr. Decker. I had a minor accident which virtually left no damage to my vehicle, or the other person. The lady requested I receive a ticket when the accident did not warrant a ticket. Mr. Decker had it dismissed and no charges were assessed. I was more shocked to receive a phone call from Mr. Decker himself to discuss the ticket and any questions I had. We see so many attorneys through various advertisements, but rarely do we get to speak with them ourselves.”
A Satisfied Client (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney
“Excellent communication and he did exactly what he promised! Highly recommend!”
Kelli (5 star review)

Handled Traffic Ticket
“1. Very good work.
2. Well Represented.
3. Smoothly done.

Thank you!!!
Danielle was very helpful.

Prince (5 star review)

Got the Job Done
“This was a pretty straight forward case but his team kept me informed throughout and responded to my emails in a great timely matter.”
A Satisfied Client (5 star review)

This was an effortless process.
“It was so easy to Andrew handle this and I was so excited to not get hit with the points!”
David (5 star review)

Very Pleased!
“I received a traffic ticket, and I was just going to pay it; I did not understand the ramifications of doing so. In speaking with his extremely knowledgeable assistant I fully understood how the system works and what was involved. Mr. Decker and his staff executed their tasks quickly and efficiently. I was kept abreast through all phases, which I appreciated. I place a high degree of confidence in Mr. Decker and his staff.”
Laurie (5 star review)

“Mr Decker was able to take our call and represent us in court in another county with very short notice. He then got all the charges dropped and his charge was very reasonable and outcome excellent!”
Kim (5 star review)

Too whom it may concern
“I’m very satisfied with the outcome and results I received from my lawyer he will definitely be recommended for future cases.”
Todd (5 star review)

Satisfied Client
“Mr. Decker represented me in court for a ticket I received in Florida. He pleaded not guilty for me and I am very satisfied with his handling of the case. I would recommend Mr. Decker and also use him again if necessary.”
Beverly K. (5 star review)

Saved My Home
“Decker Law Firm saved my home from foreclosure. He took charge after hearing my case. I didn’t know what to do. He told me he would do everything he could to help, without promising me anything. He did everything legally necessary to change things for me. I would recommend Mr. Decker to anyone in need of help in any way”
Elnora C. (5 star review)

No Hassle; Delivered on Promise
“Counselor Decker handled a traffic citation I received [earned] while travelling through Florida. His agency sent a solicitation to my residence in NC offering to handle my citation for a flat fee—and they assured no points would be assessed.

– I called the firm.
– They processed my payment.
– They kept me informed of hearing dates & court communications.
– Then they handled my citation *exactly* as promised.

It would be awesome if every business delivered as effectively and efficiently. Excellent service; excellent experience!”
Eric X. (5 star review)

Traffic Ticket
“Mr. Decker did exactly what he said he would. Court withheld adjudication so no points. I did all my business via email and phone.”
Brian (5 star review)

Prompt, Courteous, Responsive
“Andrew Decker’s office did a great job in representing me to the Judge and getting my traffic case dismissed. I appreciated his and his office’s attentiveness and responsiveness to my questions, and he has my highest regards.”
A Satisfied Client (5 star review)

Business Attorney
“Mr. Decker represented my small business in a commercial real estate matter. We were very pleased with the level of service he provided us. He kept us informed on all the developments within our case and was accessible when we needed him. I highly recommend Mr. Decker.”
Robert (5 star review)

Great Lawyer
“I hired Andrew Decker to help me through my foreclosure proceedings. He followed through the whole process thoroughly and with compassion. I would highly recommend him.”
A Satisfied Client (5 star review)

Strongly Recommend. CMV Speeding Citation.
“I received a letter in the mail from Mr. Decker offering his legal services to me after I was ticketed for speeding in Columbia County.

I decided to utilize his council on the matter and made the call. Right away I was greeted on the other end of the phone by a very knowledgeable, professionally spoken young lady that answered all my questions and supplied me with information not only about Mr. Decker’s track record in said county but a bit of information about Mr. Decker himself.

I was very satisfied that she was able to look up the citation herself, thus keeping me from having to fax and mail copies to the office. I was quoted what I felt was a fair price for the service, paid with a credit card, and immediately received an email containing my receipt.

I was kept up to date with all information on the matter via email right up to the final decision of the court. At that time, Mr. Decker personally emailed a copy of the final decision (which was adjudication withheld) and his thanks for allowing him to assist me on the matter.

I must say I felt that the entire matter was in competent, professional hands from start to finish and if faced with another citation, Mr. Decker will definitely be my first choice for legal representation.”
Larry (5 star review)

Traffic Ticket
“I received a ticket in Duval County. I was driving 30 mph in a 35 mph Zone. I received in the mail a letter from the Decker Law Firm. It was only 2 days before my court date I called and left a message in hopes for some Direction much to my surprise Mr. Decker’s firm took this great weight off of my shoulders. He listened he understood my case and he went to court for me and won my case, It was dismissed.”
Faith (5 star review)

“I have been known to have a lead foot, and having a high performance does not help. As a result I found myself passing through an air monitored speed control area, that would essentially put my driver’s license and insurance premiums at risk.

When I was offered an opportunity for Attorney Decker to assist me, and possibly not have points on my license I accepted the offer. My experience working with him, and his assistant Danielle was seamless, professional, and highly successful at an extremely small price…Thank you for the GREAT service!”
Dawn (5 star review)

“I am very satisfied with the customer service and representation that I received from Mr. Decker. I did not have to appear in court. And my case was dismissed. Everyone that I spoke with from his office was very professional and informative. I would highly suggest using Mr. Decker. He’s well worth every penny.”
Kara (5 star review)

Speeding Ticket
“Received an advertisement that he could get me no points and possibly a reduced fine. He did even better than that NO POINTS! NO FINE! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this guy!!

Thanks Andrew you da man!!”
Mo (5 star review)

Best Representation in Florida!
“Mr. Decker and his associates kept me updated through the entire process. I received a traffic violation in Florida and I live in Georgia. I never had to do anything more than call his office or send an email. He was able to get my case dismissed. He is worth every penny spent! I recommend you to have him represent you!”
Ashley (5 star review)

Effective – Straight Forward
“Mr. Decker represented me in a case over the course of approximately a year. Everything was handled professionally and honestly. He doesn’t promise any unattainable outcome and is very realistic in any situation. Last but not least, he successfully negotiated everything into my favor!

I highly recommend this lawyer.”
Jonathan (5 star review)

Loan Modification
“I was struggling with a loan modification involving Ocwen Loan Servicing. They were giving me the run a round and were trying to drag out what should have been a quick process. I hired Mr. Decker hoping he could handle this situation for me. He did so in a timely and professional manner. He is very knowledgeable with the loan mod. process and was effective in getting this matter resolved. He was easy to get in touch with and always made me feel like I was his most important client. I really appreciate the job he did for me without breaking the bank in the process. I highly recommend Mr. Decker and will definitely use his services again if needed.”
Ashley (5 star review)

Child Support Issue
“Andrew Decker represented me in my case regarding custody and child support. He worked very diligently on my case to assure that I received the best result. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Decker.

I would highly recommend Mr. Decker for any family law case.”
Ashley (5 star review)

Deficiency Judgment
“Mr. Decker did an excellent job representing me when a large bank filed suit against me trying to take everything I worked for all my life. The bank had already foreclosed on my property, a large apartment complex, and taken it from me. After the bank sold the property for much less than it was worth, it came after me for the money that was left owing due to their own actions of selling the property so cheap.

Mr. Decker’s experience in this area of the law was crucial to a judgment in my favor. The Judge ruled in my favor after all the evidence was presented. I am very grateful to Mr. Decker for his excellent representation.”
Melissa (5 star review)

“Andrew was willing and able to fight for what was right with Bank of America. After several long hours, days, months, he called me up with a deficiency claim RESOLVED. Thank you, Andrew! We all go through some tough times in life, but if you hire the right attorney they will fight the battle for you. Again, thank you Andrew Decker.”
Ty (5 star review)

Dedicated Family Law Attorney
“I hired Mr. Decker to represent me in my divorce. He was highly recommended to me and I was very satisfied with his services. Mr. Decker is compassionate, understanding, personable and approachable. He worked diligently on my case, was dedicated and represented me at trial with a desire to win. I would highly recommend Mr. Decker for any family law case.”
Kimberly (5 star review)

Compassionate and Effective Attorney
“Mr. Decker helped me during a difficult period of my life when I was divorcing. He was always prepared and willing to fight for my best interest. He was efficient, effective and most of all dedicated to my case. I highly recommend him for any family law matter. I could not have gotten through my divorce without his guidance and compassion.”
Katherine (5 star review)

Family Lawyer with Compassion
“Mr. Decker helped me navigate through a divorce and was very responsive to my concerns. Since I was living outside the state, I could not have managed without Mr. Decker.”
Heather (5 star review)

Foreclosure Expert
“Andrew Decker handled my foreclosure and credit card debt flawlessly. He is completely accessible by phone, text, or email. He addressed all my questions and concerns through this difficult time. He is knowledgeable of the law, and explains each step along this lengthy process. Andrew is well worth his fee, I could not be more pleased with the outcome.”
Eric (5 star review)

Commercial Litigation Matter
“Andrew Decker IV was retained to represent me in a Commercial Litigation matter. He was able to resolve this matter in less time than estimated with the most favorable results. The fee charged were reasonable for the importance of the issues. When asked to meet my time line for resolution he was able to close the issues well before the time frame allowed. I would defiantly use the services of his office again and will want him to represent me in the future.”
Phil (5 star review)

Real Estate
“I had a major real estate issue with First Federal Savings Bank of Florida. I had been given the run a round by them. I hired Mr. Decker and he was professional and VERY effective in getting this matter resolved. I really appreciate the job he did for me and his reasonable rates. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Decker and most definitely would use his services again.”
Juanna (5 star review)

Satisfied Client
“Attorney Decker worked diligently to have a short sale deficiency case dismissed with a major bank on my behalf. He was knowledgeable in the law related to my case and effectively handled all correspondence and communication from the banks legal representatives. He was thorough in explaining each step to me, answering my questions and offering recommendations that were in my best interest. I highly recommend Andrew Decker.”
Brenda (5 star review)

Need Help With Mortgage Foreclosure?
The Decker Law Firm has handled hundreds of mortgage foreclosure matters and has a wealth of experience in this area. Our firm has represented a variety of creditors including major financial institutions, credit unions, commercial banks, holding companies, and private individuals in the prosecution of mortgage foreclosure actions in Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit.
Andrew  J. Decker, IV Attorney Photo
Andrew J. Decker, IV

Andrew J. “AJ” Decker, IV, grew up in Live Oak, Florida and graduated from Suwannee High School in 1997. He attended Emory University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2001. He subsequently attended Florida Coastal School of Law, graduating with high honors in 2004. AJ represents client in civil litigation matters, focusing…

Client Testimonials
  • "Andrew Decker represented me in my case regarding custody and child support. He worked very diligently on my case to assure that I received the best result. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Decker..." - Ashley (5 star review)

  • "Mr. Decker did an excellent job representing me when a large bank filed suit against me trying to take everything I worked for all my life. The bank had already foreclosed on my property, a ..." - Melissa (5 star review)

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