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How Long Does A Traffic Case Take To Be Resolved?

We generally get a hearing date a week or so after filing a not guilty plea. The hearing can be as short as three weeks away or longer depending on the county, though however long it does take the hearing to be held, the time to pay any potential fine is extended. If you were later found to be not guilty or the case was dismissed, you would not be liable for the fine so do not pay the fine prematurely! Once a traffic hearing is held and the Traffic Judge has been signed the Order resolving the case, if there is a fine the order will set a new due date generally between 30-90 days.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

No, Mr. Decker will appear in court on your behalf.

Will This Be Erased From My Record?

Unfortunately, it won’t erase it completely from your record. If anyone looks up your driving history, they will still see the ticket, but they will also see that you were not found guilty of speeding and that you did not receive any points for it. Further, if the case is dismissed, that would also show upon the record.

Will This Keep My Insurance Rates from Going Up?

In general, most insurance companies look to see if you’ve received any points to determine your rate. I can’t speak for your specific insurance company however, so if you wanted to know for sure you’d have to look into their policies and how they weigh tickets.

Will I Have To Take Driving School Too?

In most cases, driving school is not necessary. We cannot give a 100% guarantee that the Judge will not order driving school, however, since it’s ultimately up to your driving history and the Judge’s decision.

How Is This Different Than The Traffic School Option?

You are allowed to elect to take traffic school five times in your lifetime to prevent a ticket from resulting in points on your license. Having Mr. Decker appear in court on your behalf does not count as one of those elections and reserves them for you to use on another occasion, if desired. Also, there is a good chance for Mr. Decker to get the ticket reduced for you and that you will not have to take traffic school.

Do I Still Have To Pay The Fine?

You will still be responsible for paying for the fine, though a payment will not have to be made until after Mr. Decker has gone to the hearing and the Judge has issued an Order. There is a chance for the fine to be reduced, however.

Will There Be Any Additional Costs?

Generally, your only costs will be the $100.00 attorney fees and the citation amount. If you are out-of-state, you may have to pay a small fee to get a copy of your driving history prior to your hearing.

How Often Is The Plea Denied?

We have a very high success rate. It’s not very often the plea is completely denied. Mostly, this would only happen if a person’s record is heavily blemished, if a person has multiple ongoing tickets, or if the motorist was rude to law enforcement issuing the citation. But even in these cases it’s still possible for the plea to be granted. If for some reason the plea is denied, however, you would receive a refund of the $100.00 attorney fees. If we do not accomplish getting no points on your license, we agree that you will get a refund of our fee.

How Often Do You Get A Reduction? When You Do, How Much Of A Reduction Is It?

We do get a reduction of the fine fairly often, though it is not guaranteed. Usually this is a reduction to the next level down, resulting in about a $70.00 reduction or so of the fine amount.

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