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Mortgage Foreclosures

The Decker Law Firm has handled hundreds of mortgage foreclosure matters and has a wealth of experience in this area. Our firm has represented a variety of creditors including major financial institutions, credit unions, commercial banks, holding companies, and private individuals in the prosecution of mortgage foreclosure actions in Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit.

Andrew J. Decker, IV has substantial experience representing borrowers, developers, farmers, and all types of property owners defending mortgage foreclosure actions and deficiency judgment claims. He has defended foreclosure actions in Florida state court and protected his clients’ rights under the Bankruptcy Code in federal Bankruptcy Court.

Andrew J. Decker, IV will be happy to explain your rights and options under Florida foreclosure law and federal bankruptcy law. He is experienced handling mortgage foreclosures for both borrowers and lenders. If foreclosure litigation is unavoidable, he is prepared to pursue every available foreclosure defense, including defenses based on violations of the Truth in Lending Act, improper assignment of your mortgage from one lender to another, improper acceleration, and the lender’s failure to file the original loan documents with the Court. While these defenses may not prevent foreclosure, they can provide additional time to (i) sell the property, (ii) refinance the mortgage, (iii) obtain a loan modification or forbearance, (iv) give the lender a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or (v) file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure the mortgage debt.

If you are potentially facing or currently facing a mortgage foreclosure action, and wish to learn more about your rights, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew J. Decker, IV.

Andrew J. Decker, IV

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