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Civil Litigation

Our firm has successfully represented numerous individuals and businesses in a variety of civil disputes. Civil litigation encompasses all manners of civil disputes between parties. It involves the judicial resolution of claims by one individual or entity against another.

While we primarily handle litigation matters in Suwannee and Columbia Counties, we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants through the Third Judicial Circuit and in federal and state courts throughout Florida at both the trial and appellate level.

As advocates in a civil litigation dispute, our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients – whether that involves successful resolution at trial or a settlement on favorable terms. The overwhelming majority of civil cases are settled without going to trial. Our time and efforts in a civil litigation matter are primarily spent on the pre-trial process, including gathering evidence and ascertaining facts, developing the most pertinent legal claims and defenses, and engaging in discovery with the other party. Regardless of whether a case will ultimately proceed to trial, our goal is to position the case for a favorite settlement or a successful result at trial. The best settlements are typically achieved on the strength of the case developed through the pre-trial procedure.

Our civil litigation practice includes:

Contract Claims – Many of the civil litigation matters our firm handles involve prosecuting and defending claims for breach of contract. Claims can arise from either written or oral contracts, and sometimes the existence of a contract may be implied from the parties’ conduct. Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in prosecuting and defending contract claims in varied contexts – from the simplest contractual instrument to a complex written agreement. Our firm has litigated contractual issues relating to real estate transactions, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, construction contracts, and loan and other financing agreements among others.

Construction Litigation – Our firm represents contractors, subcontractors, and property owners involved in construction disputes. We have prosecuted and defended cases involving construction defects, mechanic’s liens, payment disputes, and other contractual and disputes issues relating to the construction process.

Real Estate Litigation – We represent lenders, buyers, sellers, developers, landlords, tenants and owners in a wide variety of real estate disputes. Our firm has represented clients in litigation relating to quiet title actions and tax deeds, partition actions, claims for adverse possession, boundary line disputes, easement issues, trespass and nuisance claims, specific performance actions, escrow disputes, title disputes, mechanic’s liens, land use and zoning disputes. Our firm also has extensive experience representing both borrowers and lenders in real property foreclosure actions. For more information on our firm’s experience regarding mortgage foreclosure actions, please visit our mortgage foreclosures area.

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